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President's Welcome Letter




It is my privilege and honor to represent a highly valued organization; such as OPUS. My predecessors leave large shoes to fill and have done exemplary work. I am committed to continuing their work and the work of OPUS with the upmost integrity. The board members of OPUS are a combination of therapists and other professionals and serve with the highest principles and the most open of minds.

It’s important now more than ever, that organizations like OPUS offer emotional support and provide information and community to people experiencing paranormal and anomalous activity.

I come to OPUS with an enthusiasm during this monumental time in our history . People are experiencing a shift in awareness.  As te veil thins and more reports of activity occur a greater desire to know the truth transpires. I full heartedly believe it is necessary to have support and resources available to help gain deeper comprehension, insight, and empowerment to such occurrence.

The networking and resources that have been built with OPUS will only continue to grow as the organization evolves. 

I look forward to being a part of it all.

Laurie McDonald CHT

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